But research and development is not only expensive – it is also associated with considerable risks. Does the new drink really taste good? Will the self-cleaning filter actually work in practice?

Therefore, if you want to develop new or improved products, processes or services, we will support you in the procurement of subsidies and the presentation of the overall financing. Whether small projects up to 50.000 Euro or large projects with several million Euro project volume, we will provide you up to 50% non-repayable subsidies.

Research & Development

The success of your company depends on the development of new products and services – Most companies generate sales with products that are not older than five years. Meaning that you need to keep developing so that you have something to sell in five years.

The scale of R&D projects is large, from laboratory-scale work, e.g. for synthesizations, material research and tests, to the production of laboratory or functional samples, demonstration models and prototypes in laboratory environments or the programming of algorithms, funding programs are available.

But also the construction of prototypes and pilot plants, from construction services and technical product design or the execution of tests and development of test procedures up to the testing of manufacturing processes are promoted.

Develop exciting software, an innovative product, a “crazy” service – we will find the right program for you, for the development with your own team, but also for hiring external specialists. With support programs, you can significantly reduce your costs and thus improve your business opportunities and reduce your risk, especially in the start-up phase.