If you run a production or service company or are a start-up company, please contact us. With the support of Euverion and with state and EU funds, you will receive up to 35% of donated funds, depending on the support programme. You reduce your own resources to up to 15% of the initial investment sum. With this cost reduction you considerably improve your business opportunities and reduce your risk especially in the start-up phase.

Capital expenditure

If you want to invest in material resources, it is worth making an enquiry to Euverion. For many things there are extensive subsidies, e.g. for the purchase of:

  • IT systems
  • Office and warehouse equipment
  • Buildings
  • Production plants etc.

However, tourism projects (e.g. health tourism, cycle and water tourism, etc.) or intangible assets (up to a maximum of 25% of the total investment) are also supported.