There are many reasons to set up a company or a permanent establishment in Germany. Some want to offer their products or services on the German market, others want to produce closer to major customers, optimize storage and shipping, and much more.

Many foreign investors love Germany – and set up their European headquarters here.

With the support of Euverion you save a lot of time and money when setting up a plant in Germany – Euverion realizes your project as a full service, including the procurement of financing and EU subsidies.

We work location-independently – whether you want to move your company to Munich or Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne, or the countryside attracts you, we are your partner.

We take care of all concerns, from the procurement of the first business address, over the financing and promotion of your enterprise, gladly up to the acquisition of first customers.

Foreign enterprises, and foreign citizens, may acquire and create enterprises in Germany. It is also possible to take over the management. For non-European citizens we also take care of all formalities concerning entry and stay.