Booking for business tours is a time-consuming process and can quickly cause frustration. Finding the best possible journey and a suitable accommodation is usually very time-consuming and often pushed back. This can lead to a nasty revelation. Hotels and flights are quickly overbooked and good alternatives are terribly expensive. Especially for freelancers this is stressful – and the number of them is growing continuously over the years. Ideally, you should leave the travel planning to a personal assistant. They would plan the arrival and departure according to individual wishes, compare prices and then enter the costs directly into the accounts. But hardly any freelancer can afford such an assistant.

The Potsdam-based start-up BTA wants to make exactly this assistant affordable for everyone. With the help of the Business Traveller App, the assistant is digitally available on the end devices of every travelling user. With the help of artificial intelligence, the whole thing is solved both smartly and individually. The assistant automatically plans the desired business trip. Simply enter the desired travel period in the calendar – and the assistant does the rest. Whether it’s a flight, train or car trip: the assistant selects the appropriate transport option and ensures a smooth arrival and departure.

Digital scheduling services are nothing new, but the Business Traveller App is optimised for both users and accountants. The app also offers other new features. Thanks to AI technology, the system learns continuously and thus gets to know the individual preferences of the user. Based on adjustable preferences, business trips are planned and booked accordingly for the user. It also suggests relevant conferences and meetings near the user’s destination. The work-life-balance is also taken into account, as trips can be extended by personalised leisure activities. The user no longer needs to worry about access to the gym, sauna or other preferences. In a smart marketplace, service providers can actively suggest further offers for individual business trips. All receipts and documents are transferred completely and automatically to the accounting system. In this way, a simple business trip can be turned into a productive and balanced experience – with minimal organizational effort. This innovative approach with AI technology was able to convince with the support of Euverion and secured a grant of 100.000€ for the development of the app.

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