Alternative investments are becoming more and more attractive. Paintings, special wines, but also very valuable old automobiles enjoy more and more the favour of the investors, who want to invest their money very gladly in fixed assets. As there is often not enough space to accommodate the investments, funds that take care of the purchase, accommodation and care of the valuables are becoming more and more popular.
A Swiss stock corporation, which takes care of the investment in classic cars, has now commissioned Euverion with the conception and development of the business plan for its new fund.

Of course, as always, the facts and figures are at the forefront of this project. After all, investors want to know what sales and profits can be expected and what costs will be incurred. Risk assessment, market development, but also the competitive situation must be reflected in the business plan.
Euverion also had the task of procuring financing from banks and funds for the start-up phase. Given the current performance of high-quality and “correctly” selected vintage cars, however, this is not a particular challenge. Many classic cars increase their value by more than 20% every year, but the “right” choice of vehicle is crucial. Not every old car in the “classic car” category increases its value, and the storage, annual maintenance and insurance cost money.
Therefore, when designing the fund , it was crucial to organize the search and selection of classic cars in such a way that risks can be ruled out. Here, the Euverion team was able to contribute its experience from other projects in which cloud-based systems were also relevant for the handling of global auctions, the selection and evaluation of assets and the purchase process.
Euverion has further developed the concept of the classic car fund – from a pure investment fund to a club, a club of wealthy people who love very rare and valuable vehicles. Thus the acquired vehicles are available to the investors or the “club members” for the most diverse activities around classic cars and leisure time. The events serve to present the old treasures in a safe environment, to organize rallies, but also to “network” on a very high level.