No later than since our first ZIM project Biopack&Transport, Euverion has committed itself to sustainability. The aim of the network is to further develop the potential of fibre-bound, ecological packaging. For this purpose, our partners use paper based on grass plants instead of wood, or produce cellulose from rice straw in India. More environmentally friendly solutions that are quickly and easily integrated. Enough reasons to make our internal processes more sustainable as well. Our previous method of sending payroll letters no longer fits in with our orientation.

That’s why we are no longer using paper and post for our pay slips and other documents. From now on, we will be using a more environmentally friendly online portal. This will not only save CO2, but also save the wood of many trees, thus protecting the environment.

With these changes Euverion is taking another step towards a more sustainable company. It will not be the last step on this journey, additional efforts will follow.