The digitalisation in our everyday life is most noticeable at our desks. Just a few years ago, folders, documents and notepads were piled up, but today almost everything is done with the computer. Most accessories such as calculators and cameras have now been replaced by our all-round companion: the smartphone. But the digital shift has not yet spread equally swiftly in all areas of work. The music industry, for example, still uses a variety of analogue devices. To perform in front of a large audience, dozens of devices are necessary in some cases, all of which can only serve a single purpose. The setup and tuning of the devices is complex and error-prone. Behind what is only an incomprehensible tangle of cables for the layman, are mixers, amplifiers and all kinds of effect devices, mostly based on analog technology. This makes the devices extremely expensive, bulky, vulnerable and also very unflexible.

This status quo was questioned a few years ago by Gianfranco Ceccolini, musician and founder of MOD Devices. His idea for an effect pedal that allows the post-installation of several different effects developed into a comprehensive project on which he has been working full-time since 2010. Meanwhile his project has grown into an ambitious company with a total of 18 staff members producing innovative devices. The MOD Devices are nothing else than small computers that can be connected to the setups of musicians and take over the function of analog equipment. The key idea has hardly changed: Individual all-round devices, which are almost endlessly expandable and configurable.
Thanks to the gadgets, the setup is now endlessly expandable for musicians. The devices have open interfaces on which apps, plugins and virtual instruments can be installed. The system is open to all audio developers and offers a virtual marketplace where developers can sell their software. Nothing less than a revolution for millions of artists, giving them a new kind of creative freedom. In addition, it offers amateurs and smaller artists the opportunity to purchase professional setups for a fraction of the price of analog professional equipment. The music press and star musicians are won over by the idea and gave much praise for the concept. Thanks to the active support of Euverion, a start-up grant of over 100.000€ was secured for the next steps in the production and marketing of the product. After Europe, the North American and Asian markets are now the target for MOD Devices.

Contact and further information:
MOD Devices GmbH
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

Gianfranco Ceccolini