For many people working with colleagues in the home office is a new way of doing so in the midst of the Corona crisis. In IT, this has long been part of everyday life and is also urgently needed. Companies are looking for qualified employees because of the shortage of skilled workers in the industry above all. The search for suitable employees has therefore become more complex, as permanent positions are expensive and inflexible. Freelancers are therefore particularly in demand in the IT sector, even over long distances. However, the recruiting process takes a very long time, with a usual time span of 2 to 4 months, and even then the personnel costs are still comparatively high. This is why companies expand their search for employees across national borders and try to attract international employees. However, this brings additional hurdles, such as the assessment of the qualifications of potential employees. Educational qualifications in international comparison are difficult to compare and therefore companies all too often have to ask themselves whether an applicant actually has the necessary skills for the job.

AI takes over the recruiting process and saves a lot of time and money

Remoteplatz wants to make exactly this international recruitment process faster and above all more reliable. The startup has developed a platform that creates a flexible working day for companies and enables them to hire perfectly qualified developers. A system based on AI technology automates and optimizes all steps of the recruiting process. The AI not only takes over the complex work of recruiting, but also guarantees a high quality selection of employees. Through a continuously optimizing feedback system, the mutual cooperation can be evaluated and conclusions can be drawn about which characteristics of an employee lead to which work result. The system offers the companies not only the applicants but also employees all functions for a smooth match.

Automated support even beyond the matching process

If an applicant is hired, the duration of the project begins, during which the system accompanies the communication and exchange of wages and work results between the two parties. An essential element in the process is the mutual final evaluation, which is used as a basis for future matching decisions. All data is stored, resulting in a verifiable track record. This forms the basis for subsequent matching processes, which is extended with every successful project. The AI can thus gradually better assess the skills of a developer and find the perfect projects for him. This is especially interesting for start-ups and small companies. Euverion supports Remoteplatz’s projects and secured a grant of €100,000 for IT personnel and equipment.

From Brandenburg across Egypt towards internationalization

Currently all available developers are in Cairo, as the start-up is focusing on the Egyptian region for the moment. The biggest advantage of this is that despite the distance, the same time zone as in Europe applies, so the processes can be perfectly integrated into the daily routine. In the future, the selection process is set to be internationalized – so that entrepreneurs can easily secure the services of top developers wherever companies and developers may be located. The Remoteplatz development team already offers a wide range of software specializations: Developers for Frontend, Backend, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Science and mobile apps are ready for use for various projects.

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