The event brought the network partners up to date on the rapidly growing network. Nationally this was demonstrated by numerous new, medium-sized companies from Germany and internationally by the intensive work of our international coordinator, Guenole Bara, who was able to win several French networks as new partners for us.

The aim of the Biopack&Transport research network is to further develop the potential of fibre-bound base materials obtained from agricultural residues and also to open up the field of smart transport packaging. Due to the current situation, the meeting was realised as a virtual webinar with almost 30 participants. The communication deficits currently felt by many people were forgotten for a moment by the musical contributions of our colleague Olivia Thieme.
Besides the cultural program at the beginning and end of the event, Michael Anders and Marc Koeppen informed about the current situation and the numerous new networking possibilities. These were further specified by the contributions of Guenole Bara, who introduced the new French network partners and Denise Gider, ecoZept, who introduced the corresponding H2020 networks. Michael Kroheck, business developer of the grass paper pioneer CREAPAPER, pointed out the enormous opportunities in the topic area of our research network with an economic success story that includes success for the environment.

The numerous research approaches of the network partners will be worked on during the second and third quarters. A SWOT – analysis will be prepared for the network partners. Besides France, other partner countries are emerging which already work closely with our SMEs and are already known to a larger public in their fields through patents and state-of-the-art solutions.
The musical contribution is embedded as a video at the end of the article. Presentations can be accessed via the network managers or the speakers if required.