Arable farming is not one of the classic tasks of a consulting company. But perhaps this is why the Euverion team was so enthusiastic about this project.

In order to be able to reliably plan costs and yields, we had to intensively deal with the basics of grass breeding (e.g. Miscanthus), soil preparation, but also plant density and fertilisation and determine the basics in detail. How does the weather correlate with the biomass yield? How high may or must the moisture content of the crop be in order for combustion to run optimally? The “other” calculations were almost standard – from the calorific values and volume flows to the power plant outputs and the probabilities of failure to the quantities of electricity that could be sold.

Of course, we have also examined alternative utilisation possibilities for our client, e.g. the utilisation of biomass as wood pellets, and also calculated completely different “sources” of biomass, such as biowaste, liquid manure, etc.. Because every project must also “pay off” for its success.

We have also examined the aspect of the impact of a biomass project on the regions. Renewable resources can be used to create jobs, especially in structurally weak regions. In rural regions, for example, new and above all sustainable perspectives are opened up and the migration of the rural population to the cities is stopped.

Another important consulting module was financial planning and project financing, as well as preparations for raising funding.

Euverion was able to significantly expand its expertise in the cultivation and production of biomass, pellets and power plant construction through this major project.