Shortly before the end of 2015, the Bavarian company, which produces switchgear and automation systems, commissioned EUVERION to set up a new production and development site in Brandenburg and to procure the necessary financing.

With this step, additional production capacities are to be built up and subsidies to be used. The location in the state of Brandenburg, however, offers further advantages for Bavaria in addition to the funding – in Berlin and Brandenburg the shortage of skilled workers is not as great as in the south of the republic, and in cooperation with the universities one would also like to win some graduates from specialist institutes. With the Landesbank, suitable commercial sites have already been identified which are ideal both for future logistics and for the convenient journey of future employees.


However, the new location will also develop a new focus. Whereas in the past the company was mainly active in mechanical engineering, it is now increasingly developing and producing products for building automation and renewable energies.

The team of EUVERION accompanies the project in all phases. While the development of the business plan was in the foreground up to now, the technical concepts will also be concretized and implemented after the negotiations on promotion and financing. Thus nothing stands more in the way of the soon to be “topping-out ceremony” for the new hall and the employee recruitment.