So far, companies have been able to cooperate with students almost only through inflexible internships. Moreover, the associated application process is often unnecessarily lengthy and error-prone for both companies and students. Since the workload, especially for companies such as management consultancies, private equity funds or tech start-ups, fluctuates greatly, it is extremely important to be flexible. On the student side, flexibility is actually given, but lengthy job advertisements, as well as the preparation of letters of motivation and elaborate CVs prevent a correct representation of their availability. Ultimately, this often results in the students’ development falling far short of their possibilities.

The founders of Trail thought that this could also be done smarter, and without further ado developed a new concept, thanks to which the previous application process should be a thing of the past. Their platform is intended to replace the classic application process with a more dynamic and above all tailor-made process.

The mobile and web apps under the name Trail of the Berlin-based start-up company enable students to take flexible career steps on the one hand and professional companies to cover their staffing needs on the other. The digital marketplace offers both sides a precise overview of the skills and needs of the respective other side. On the platform, students will find temporary forms of cooperation on short-term projects, on subtasks, also in distance work, and soon also internships or employer branding events.

The core of Trail is a matching algorithm based on machine learning that automates the important steps of the recruiting process. As a result, the time between the announcement of a vacancy and the start of a student’s job can be reduced from 2-3 months to 2-3 days, with the results becoming more and more precise due to the ML integration. In contrast to existing platforms with simple forms, Trail for applicants relies on a continuous and dynamic placement process. Through gamified career tips and tests, not only abilities but also relevant interests and personality traits of the applicants are incorporated into the matching process. This guarantees companies the best suited applicants and students optimal development opportunities as well as personalized suggestions and tips on the way to the best career entry for them.

As a partner for subsidies and financing, Euverion has laid a further foundation stone for the further development of the platform with an application for a subsidy of €100,000. For the future TalentSpring plans to expand its service beyond temporary work. In the future, permanent entry positions in companies are also to be made available for graduates to match.

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