Finding cost-effective transport options in international trade is a real challenge. Especially when sending freight over many kilometers and national borders, this quickly becomes confusing and can lead to an explosion of costs. The longer the route the more suppliers and forwarders have to be involved. Sending international freight is therefore confusing and difficult for the sender to calculate. The Brandenburg company Freightfinders solves this problem. With their app of the same name they offer an independent comparison and booking platform for worldwide freight transports. The goal of the platform: Simply enter the shipping and receiving address and the user immediately finds out the cost and delivery time of his shipment.

The founders have several years of experience in the logistics industry and therefore know that the success of their customers in import and export depends directly on access to reliable logistics service providers and favorable logistics conditions. In global trade, this mix is decisive for competitive advantages, which are created through efficient communication and data exchange. The system provides users of the platform with all costs for the transport route quickly and easily. Only the freight, the collection and delivery address need to be entered and a concrete sum of money will be received. The platform can also calculate whether the individual intermediate stations in the supply chain can be reached in time, thus enabling punctual delivery. The algorithm behind the platform mediates between suitable customers and service partners and looks for the best routes. The relevance of the action fields sea freight, customs, air freight and the required pre- and on-carriage is taken into account. All this happens in real time and significantly reduces the communication efforts of all parties involved.

To further improve this process, Freightfinders is therefore expanding the development of comprehensive IT communication systems between logistics providers and shippers. Each country has to create its own expertise to transport goods worldwide without risk. The technological optimization of the comparison and booking platform on the one hand goes hand in hand with the availability and quality control of the local loading partners and their bundling into a partner network on the other hand.

Euverion supports the logistics start-up with subsidies and know-how

The digital real-time connection of global logistics processes by means of a correspondingly sophisticated technology and the establishment of the company with a powerful organization and motivated, competent employees affect the most diverse questions of financing. Capital is required in particular to build up quickly functioning networks and to enable the acquisition of new customers and sustainable B2B contractual partnerships. Specifically, the funds are to be used to expand the workforce with professional specialists and corresponding experts. Euverion is an experienced partner for the procurement of national and European subsidies and provides the founders with the necessary expertise for project-related questions.

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