Bad air in city centres is a problem that is as old as it is unsolved. Exhaust fumes, dense building development and many people living in confined spaces lead to extremely polluted air, which makes people ill in the long term and leads to many deaths every year. The start-up company Green City Solutions has recognized this problem and is taking a new approach: They are installing the CityTree in Berlin, the world’s first sustainable biotech air filter. The CityTree combines nature’s intelligent design with state-of-the-art technology to create a natural air filter. At the same time, it is a digital City Hub that can be used in a variety of ways. The basic building block inside the CityTree is formed by specially selected mosses, which have proven to be particularly valuable plants for the city. They remove up to 80 percent of fine dust particles from the air and also cool the ambient air in the city centre in the long term. An internal water supply and sensors are installed to keep the plant’s inner life healthy. Water is supplied to the mosses as required and at the same time the demand is monitored around the clock using the latest IoT technology.

The installation also includes interfaces for services such as network technology and outdoor screens. The Horizon 2020 project of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is supporting the installation of several CityTrees throughout the year. As a partner, Euverion was also part of the unveiling of the first CityTrees in front of the BIKINI concept shopping mall in Berlin. Further CityTrees are to be added in the long term, both in Berlin and in other cities, thereby improving the air in city centres in the long term.