Accounting is often one of the most unpopular activities for many, especially for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies that do not particularly work as tax consultants or auditors. It is easy to lose track and specialized software programs may save time and money, but they are usually not user-friendly. Although they allow for correct bookkeeping through check routines, they are often inflexible and non-intuitive. Especially the established large accounting applications seem to have barely evolved in their usability for many years, where in the other aspects of daily life many different small software assistants have simplified complex tasks enormously through modern technology.

BuchhaltungsButler shows that smart accounting software can be flexible, comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly. Developed by the start-up under the same name in Berlin, the software relies on automation through AI technology and sends the entire application into the cloud. Thanks to this online-based solution, all receipts, accounting and company data are accessible anytime and anywhere without having to install any software first. No matter which device is used with which operating system. You don’t have to worry about updates either, because the online version is always up to date.
Thanks to the innovative AI technology, BuchhaltungsButler not only works with, but proactively for the user. The self-learning functions simplify and accelerate many processes significantly. The document recognition automatically reads the relevant data from documents and sorts the invoices to the corresponding transaction, which can automatically pre-assign documents and transactions thanks to the online banking connection. Each receipt can be easily scanned with a mobile phone and the tool takes care of the rest automatically. All receipts are archived and can be viewed again at any time with just a few clicks.
Invoices, offers and credit notes can also be created directly in the accounting software. For cooperation with an external tax consultant, the software offers DATEV export and even more evaluation options for other third-party programs.

As a partner for subsidies and financing, Euverion has enabled the next step for the further development of the accounting software with a successful application for a subsidy of over €100,000. The money was used for a research and development project to ensure the flexibility of the Accounting Butler system even in the event of short-term rule changes by the legislator. Business processes are increasingly crossing borders within the EU, often also the external EU borders. In many cases, the processes are multi-stage and cross-border. One of the key points was therefore the research towards a smooth automation for delivery threshold monitoring, in order to be able to record sales to other EU countries even more easily. The parameters for the correct recording of turnover tax, input tax and import turnover tax had to become much more flexible, because in recent years changes to certain framework conditions and rules have been made at increasingly short notice. Brexite also had to be included in the system. The findings from the research work were then used to develop appropriate algorithms for the system of BuchhaltungsButler.

Contact and further information:

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Maximilian Zielosko