We repeatedly hear from companies that the administrative effort involved in applying for subsidies is far too high and therefore not worthwhile. One can argue about this assessment, but especially if you want to avoid the “high bureaucratic effort”, contacting Euverion makes sense.

After all, we are talking about many 100,000s of euros of donated money with which we could drastically increase our own competitiveness and significantly reduce financing costs.

Our work in the area of subsidies is success-oriented and we will accompany your project comprehensively until the application is approved and, if you wish, even beyond that.


If you run a production or service company or are a founder of a new business, please contact us. With the support of Euverion and with state and EU funds, you will receive up to 35% of donated funds, depending on the support program. You reduce your own capital expenditure to up to 15% of the investment sum. With this cost reduction you improve your business opportunities considerably and reduce your risk, especially in the start-up phase.

Equipment Investments

If you want to invest in equipment, it is worth making an inquiry with Euverion. For many things there are extensive subsidies, e.g. for the purchase of:

  • IT systems
  • Office and warehouse equipment
  • Buildings
  • Production facilities etc.

Also tourism projects (e.g. health tourism, cycle and water tourism, etc.) or intangible assets (up to a maximum of 25% of the total investment) are eligible for support.

Research & development

The success of your business depends on the development of new products and services – most companies make their revenue from products that are not older than five years. It is therefore essential to keep on innovating so that there will still be something to sell in five years’ time.

But: Research and development is not only expensive – it also involves considerable risks. Does the new drink really taste good? Will the self-cleaning filter work in practice?

That’s why we support you in developing new or improved products, processes or services, in obtaining subsidies and in presenting the overall financing. Whether small projects up to 50,000 euros or large projects with a project volume of several million euros, we provide you with up to 50% non-repayable subsidies.

There is a wide spectrum of R&D projects that can be supported, from laboratory-scale work, e.g. for synthesizations, materials research and tests, to the production of laboratory or functional samples, demonstration models and prototypes in a laboratory environment or the programming of algorithms.

Also the construction of prototypes and pilot plants, from construction services and technical product design or the execution of tests and the development of test procedures to the testing of manufacturing processes can be supported.

Develop exciting software, an innovative product, a “crazy” service – we will find the right program for you, for development with your own team, but also contracting of external specialists. With subsidy programs you can reduce your costs to a considerable extent and thereby considerably improve your business opportunities and reduce your risk, especially in the early stages.

Sale and purchase of companies

You want to sell your company as a whole or parts of it? Perhaps because you are looking for a successor for your company, or because you want to take on partners for strategic reasons?

However, you do not routinely sell companies and are not (yet) familiar with the tricks and pitfalls of negotiating with group representatives or financial investors? Then we are your partner. We have the view “from outside” and are not personally involved in your company. We use our extensive network to specifically target interested parties.

First of all, we prepare everything that is necessary – from processing of relevant information, initial company valuation using various procedures, preparation of an (anonymised) exposé, and preparation of the company for the visits and due diligence of the prospective buyers. This also includes “value-enhancing” measures, from e.g. the preparation of the CRM system to accounting measures.

Then we will find suitable buyers for you, check them out to be pure information providers or bargain hunters, and accompany you during discussions and due diligence.

The aim is to conclude the contract. The goal is to achieve the best purchase price on the one hand, but also to avoid any liability for you.

During negotiations with foreign partners, e.g. when US companies or corporations from China want to invest, we provide a suitable interculturally experienced team for the negotiation phase.

Human Resources

If you want to create high quality jobs, a request to Euverion can save you up to 35% in personnel costs. But there are also subsidies for training employees or hiring university graduates.

Get in touch with us if you run a production or service company or are a founder of a new business.

With the support of Euverion and with state and EU funds you can, for example, receive up to 35% of your personnel costs “as a gift” for a maximum of two years. Or you can take advantage of other support programs. With this cost reduction you will significantly improve your business opportunities and reduce your risk, especially in the start-up phase.

Market launch

Developing new products, services and processes is the basis for the future sales and earnings of your company. However, the costs for the subsequent market launch should not be underestimated.

Funding for the following investments

  • Creation of market analyses and development of the marketing concept
  • For the initial setup of product management and sales
  • For marketing activities, e.g. SEM or trade fair participation
  • Conception and production of product sheets and advertising materials
  • Integration of a website
  • Designing brands, including the (possibly international) application for trademark rights as well as monitoring and maintaining trademark rights
  • Certification and consulting on standardization topics
  • Execution of product tests
  • Readying the product for series production
  • The conception and creation of documentations (manuals, process descriptions)

If you run a production or service company or are a founder of a new business, please contact us. With the support of Euverion and with state and EU funds, you will receive donated funds and low-interest loans without ” bureaucratic hassle “. With these programs you can ensure a fast and reliable launch of your new products or services.