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license.rocks redefines trading software licenses online

2020-04-15T17:02:53+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|Tags: , , , , , |

Buying used software on online platforms often gives you an uneasy feeling: Is the trader really trustworthy, or will there be a rude awakening during the license check? Even if the product key works, it is still possible that there is no valid license behind the key. This is due to confusing licensing models, such [...]

Heat waves that beat high. Heating with state-of-the-art space technology

2020-04-15T16:44:34+02:00Categories: Uncategorised|

In Potsdam, the foundation stone was laid for successful networking to promote innovative, environmentally friendly and health-friendly heat wave heating systems in Berlin Brandenburg. Heat4Life plans with financing partner Euverion engagement in the network NeoBuild. Friedrich Büscher, Managing Director of Heat4Life GmbH in Potsdam, and Heinz Kölzer, Project Manager of GEOkomm e.V., met on June [...]

Bavarian switchgear manufacturer to build new production facility in Brandenburg

2020-04-15T16:55:48+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

Shortly before the end of 2015, the Bavarian company, which produces switchgear and automation systems, commissioned EUVERION to set up a new production and development site in Brandenburg and to procure the necessary financing. With this step, additional production capacities are to be built up and subsidies to be used. The location in the state [...]

Euverion accompanies technological developments at Fraunhofer IAIS

2020-04-15T16:55:25+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS is one of the leading institutions for applied research in the field of intelligent data analysis and knowledge development. With its technologies, Fraunhofer IAIS contributes significantly to the digital transformation of our economy and society. For the Euverion team, it is a "virtual accolade" to [...]

The next big thing

2020-04-15T16:55:09+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

A startup from Berlin with a highly innovative product has commissioned EUVERION The founders come from Munich and Berlin. And they have big plans. A "smart" product that is developed to series maturity and then immediately distributed worldwide. A really "big thing" - also for the consultants and engineers of Euverion. Euverion not only coordinates [...]

Swiss fund company plans vintage car fund with Euverion

2020-04-15T16:54:25+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

Alternative investments are becoming more and more attractive. Paintings, special wines, but also very valuable old automobiles enjoy more and more the favour of the investors, who want to invest their money very gladly in fixed assets. As there is often not enough space to accommodate the investments, funds that take care of the purchase, [...]

Swiss public limited company plans major renewables project with Euverion

2020-04-15T16:54:02+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

The development of renewable energies for electricity generation is also becoming increasingly important for achieving climate protection targets. A Swiss company that specializes in the production of biomass and its energetic utilization worldwide has commissioned Euverion with an extensive project. Arable farming is not one of the classic tasks of a consulting company. But perhaps [...]

Swiss public limited company in the area of Human Resources establishes a Shared Service Center in Germany

2020-04-15T16:52:55+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

Personnel costs in Germany are much cheaper than in Switzerland, but also office rents and accounting costs. Euverion's new customer is taking advantage of these cost advantages and relocates administrative work, as well as the recruitment of German employees, to a new German GmbH. Euverion's customer, a Swiss company with sales in the double-digit millions, [...]

Berlin startup develops innovative and multifunctional battery case

2020-04-15T16:52:14+02:00Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

Arable farming is not one of the classic tasks of a consulting company. But perhaps this is why the Euverion team was so enthusiastic about this project. In order to be able to reliably plan costs and yields, we had to intensively deal with the basics of grass breeding (e.g. Miscanthus), soil preparation, but also [...]