In spite of templates, samples and modern software, contracts are still generally made individually in the LegalTech market. Without making any significant changes to the content, this is an unnecessary bureaucratic effort, which costs a lot of time and money. Smartcontraxx aims to enable law firms, medium-sized legal offices, as well as legal departments of companies to have contracts drawn up fully automatically and in a legally secure manner. Thanks to modern AI technology, this is done quickly, securely and paper-free with the help of ContractWizzard. As both the user and the AI learn with each new contract during the course of the application, the process is also increasingly tailored to the individual requirements of the user. For the development of the ContractWizzard, Euverion as a partner was able to secure subsidies for investment in personnel and IT equipment.

The contract creation is very straightforward for the user. All necessary master data is filled in via an intuitive mask and the contract is generated fully automatized and according to the company form. Individual adjustments are still possible and the master data can also be changed at any time. The whole process is transparent, as changes are logged and versioned. The contract generator can include existing content from third-party documents or databases. This means that the ContractWizzard can be incorporated directly into any law firm or legal department.